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Nursery Rhymes

The boys have developed in insatiable desire for nursery rhymes. Which I understand is normal for this age. We have three books of them that we rotate but what’s fun is how the boys are starting to memorize them and love to try and recite them. I have never encouraged them to repeat them after me or anything, they are just naturally wanting to say them back now. You should hear Logan trying to say “Diddle Diddle Dumpling” or his favorite “Little Boy Blue”. “Georgie Porgy” and “Little Bo Peep” are big hits as well. They see pictures on the covers of the books and immediately start (trying to) tell you the rhyme.

Brad, Dusty and I find ourselves trying to understand some of these ancient rhymes. What is the context of this word or that and why doesn’t this one rhyme but that one does? Or why are some songs as well, but others aren’t? I always sing the ones that I know tunes to and find myself making up tunes for others.

It’s one more of those neat things about being a parent for the first time. Tapping into my own memories of childhood and realizing how many of those old rhymes and songs I know and how some have always made me feel happy. I feel myself connected back in time to all the generations who have come before saying these rhymes who’s language is so old, we don’t understand the context any longer. The mother that rhymed to her son about his father coming in from the fishing boats at the end of the day with their food, or the father who rhymed to his baby while the mother was out grinding the wheat for bread. I found a website that wrote about how many of these nursery rhymes date from around the 1600 and 1700’s. Some are political in nature and others, we’ll never know. For example, Jack and Jill refers to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s beheading. I won’t tell you any more and ruin them for you.

Three to four hundred years old, wow. That’s a lot of Mommas to be connected with in such a direct way. I love tradition and the beauty of connections so this really speaks to me, literally and figuratively.

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